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Starter ring
since 1960 OUR HISTORY
Paccagnini & C. is our Company and it was founded in the 1950s more or less, in a small town, in the suburbs of Milan.

When it was founded, the Company built a number of spare parts for the motor vehicles people used at that time.

In 1960, Paccagnini’s catalogue was basically composed of clutch sets, mileometer sets, steering wheel heads, valve gears, cardan joints, suspension rocker arms and so on.
At the same time, Mr Mario, the founder, realized that the market connected to spare parts was becoming more and more interested in starter ring gears and decided to concentrate on this peculiar item.

At that time a few hundred items were produced each month, for Fiat 500 and 600, a number of lorries just like Fiat 615 and 682, for Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Giulia, Lancia Appia and Flavia, Ford Anglia and Cortina, for a number of military jeeps and last but not least for farm tractors.

The items were given a warm reception by the market, so in 1965 our Company decided to list even this particular item in the catalogue.

As time passed, the starter ring gears became our strong point: in 1985, Mr Michele, who is the son of the founder, started working in the Company and at the same time it was decided to concentrate each efforts on the production of this item which, at that time, was considered to be a kind of niche product.

As the years go by, the product was developed, updated, made even better, as to production and control system, materials, outward appearance, as to the so called “just in time” availability and as to our “take care” policy, because our customer is a priceless treasure!

Time passes quickly and the present day is finally here. The expertise we have been gaining for forty years let us keep a leading position both in the market related to spare parts and in the Original Equipment Market, in which we concentrate our efforts on reliability, durability and cheapness and in which we build more or less 70% of our sales revenue.

Nowadays, thanks to our partners’ cooperation, we can produce complete flywheels, light flywheels for engines for sports competitions and light aviation, phonic rings, oil pump gears, final drive gears and pinions.
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Via Ponte Salmoiraghi, 16/18 - 20022 Castano Primo (MILANO)
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